My new ideas :)

New ideas just pop up in my mind like everyday.  When I think about them later, I notice some of them are quit hard to do (because I don’t have enough time or money, etc), but some of them seem possible.  And since I don’t think I can do every one of them, I always need to think again…  and decide to do a few of them.

So here are are couple of things I think I will do in the near future :

①Organizing a tour in Kunigami

I’m thinking about organizing a tour in Kunigami, since it’s not really popular for tourists but is the most beautiful place in the main island of Okinawa.  And I really want people to experience how local people live there and enjoy beautiful jungles, beaches and stars.
Here’s my article about the village — Kunigami, the ancient town in Okinawa

②Hosting foreign people

My family has been hosting a lot of exchange students and tourists, but we just host people we know or host through school exchange programs.  Now, since my parents’ house has some spare rooms, I think I can organize a home-stay program and welcome people who want to learn about Japan and meet local people.  We still need time to get ready, but my family and I are now making plans!

③Spanish Class for mothers

Carly and I used to study Spanish together, and I used to take Yngrid’s Spanish lessons. But since Carly is now pregnant (I think she’s due soon!), my schedule is too tight, and Yngrid is taking care of her baby, we have stopped studying Spanish because of the difficulty of adjusting the time.

But guess what?  I think we can just open a Spanish class for mothers, and study Spanish together!  I think I will do it next year 🙂

As the readers of my posts know, I teach English, organize events, play music, sing, dance, teach dancing, translate, write, and I also am a mother, so as you can imagine, my schedule is pretty tight.  I have a lot of ideas, but I really have to choose just some of them.  Otherwise, I’ll be more sleepless, and I might get sick.  But anyway, I’m really happy to be able to do what I want to do, and I think I’m really lucky 🙂



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