Message from Yngrid

Hola a todos!!!!

Learning a language is more than learning how you pronounce the words or how you speak. In fact, learning language is a cultural experience.

Since I have studied and taught Spanish, I have recognized that through teaching and learning languages,  we can show or learn customs, ways of thinking, and the characteristic of the people in the countries.

Every time I teach Spanish, I notice how interested my students are in Latin American culture, and I am glad to explain that to all of you and have global cultural exchanges.




If you are interested in taking Yngrid’s Spanish or English lessons in Fukui and Awara, Mirika’s English lessons in Fukui or Yukari’s English lessons in Fukui, Sabae and Echizen, please let us know.  We’ll work hard with you and we’ll always do out best!




・師走/日本人の間違えやすい英語 *英作文対策編

・Make a Change!/オススメのスピーチ動画紹介


・Happy English/ホストファミリー募集/プチ英語講座/英語のレッスン動画/日本人の間違えやすい英語

・Side by side/旅行に役立つフレーズ紹介

・Happy English ②/英語のレッスン動画/日本人の間違えやすい英語



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