Message from Yngrid!

Hello everyone!

Yngrid先生から、これからEnglish Avenueで学ぼうという方へのメッセージを頂いたので、紹介します♪


Hello, my name is Yngrid.

When I was a teenager I started learning English because I wanted to sing and understand English songs (“Red wine” by UB40, for example)

Then, when I finished high school and I decided to be a Spanish teacher. But I realized that I liked teaching languages, so I became an ELT(English language teacher), too.

I didn’t realize how useful English was until I applied for The Teacher’s Program Scholarship in Japan.  Since then, I had to introduce myself all the time, had interviews in English, and I had to translate all my studies certificates, degrees, titles, etc. And at last, I traveled abroad… Of course, I talked in English all the time. 

As everybody knows, English is the main communication language all around the world. Now I live in Japan and I want to do the best things I know: Learning and Teaching. This is a quote for you: “A friend is a gift, you give yourself”.

And English Avenue is a good chance to make it real.


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