Hello everyone!



I love my jobs… I just love it.

I don’t earn a lot of money from teaching, I had more money when I was working at a company, but I love teaching and I know it’s MY job.

I spend a long time to make worksheets, lesson plans, and also since I’m self-employed I have to advertise and it takes a long time.

I also teach dancing, and for dancing classes, I need to choreograph and practice myself, so it takes really a long time too.

But when the classes go well, I feel so happy, and when my students enjoy my classes, I feel sooooooooooo happy. It’s more than anything.

I think most of the teachers/instructors know how I feel 😉 I’m just addicted to it! I’m really workaholic and people worry about me all the time, but it’s not because I live to work, it’s because I love to teach so much! I’m very sorry to make you worried about me, but don’t worry, I’m really happy 😉

And for all my students here… I LOVE YOU!



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