Hi everyone!  How have you been?  Busy with 忘年会s?

I checked the new year’s resolutions that I made last year, and I think I did pretty well for the most of the resolutions… I worked hard, studied English and Spanish, practiced dancing everyday, did stretching everyday, and performed a lot. I did pretty well, didn’t I?

But I didn’t study Korean and Arabic that much, and I actually quit jazz dancing (it was because my jazz dance instructor stopped teaching, though).

Anyway, so, my New Year’s resolutions for 2012 are;

*Keep studying Spanish
*Find someone to study Korean and Arabic with, and study together
*Get more English students
*Get more eisa & teodori students
*keep practicing dancing everyday
*keep doing stretching everyday
*Try to read more in English
*Perform more (Please let me know if you want me/us to perform eisa&teodori/reggaeton/samba/axe/bellydance/hula)
*Start English events for children with Satoe (She’s going to play the piano and I’ll have some English activities with her music)
*Speak English with my son Io more
*Save some money

What about yours?



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