Let’s have fun together!

Hello everyone!  How are you?

My computer is broken now and I can’t type Japanese, so I’ll just go in English!  It’s probably good for you, isn’t it?

We’ll have Eigo-De Shabera-Night on April 29th at Paikazi, starting at 8pm.  This time, Naomi will tell you about Hawaii, and Kazuyo will tell you about Belize!  I can’t wait for that!

We ask you to pay 1500yen for food, and a part of it is for the children in Tohoku/Kanto regions, who lost homes, parents, schools etc.  We’ll donate through PLAN JAPAN.  And we’re also collecting some school materials for children to help them restart studying, so if you have any pencils, pens, notebooks etc you don’t need, please bring them!

Let’s have fun together!





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