September 17th – 19th

People in Fukui—We’ll do Stand-Up on the 17th and 18th at
Paikazi, 19th at IRIE365. Everyone, let’s take action to end poverty
with me! You can come over to Paikazi to do Stand-Up (even if you don’t
have money or time you can just drop by to do it) or do Stand-Up at

If you can’t come to Paikazi or IRIE365—Do it at home, work,
school etc with your family and friends. You can register and do it, so please try! Stand Against Poverty!!!!!

<What is Stand-Up?>

Every year for three days across the globe, events are organized of all
types to bring attention to the worldwide crisis that we all face —
poverty.  Take photos of you, your families and friends who wish to end poverty!  You don’t need to donate money or spend money on something.  Details in Japanese—



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