Hey guys!

Today I’m writing in English for my students and English learners here;)

Yesterday, Miwa told me that she decided to move to the group lesson on Wednesdays. I was soooooooo happy to hear that, and I’m sure her English will improve more!

And Emma came to the class last night! It had been a while since I saw her last, but we’ve actually kept in touch. She actually likes the English class, but she has a dream and she’s doing her best for that and very busy now. So it’s understandable that she doesn’t have enough time to study English. I really hope that her dream will come true! But Emma, please come to the class when you have time;)

I LOOOOOOVE people who have dreams! When I use the word "夢" very often, but many people think that I’m talking about a big dream, like becaming a president of a big company, a Hollywood movie star, or an inventor like Thomas Edison. But I think the word "dream" has a wider meaning than the word "夢". If you want to study abroad, that can be your "dream". If you want to live in Okinawa someday, that can be your "dream". If you want to be able to speak English fluently, that can be your "dream". I really want to support people who have dreams and that’s one of my dreams;)

My dreams include…

*being able to speak Spanish, Arabic and Korean
*teaching Spanish, Arabic and Korean
*brusing up my English
*starting an English class for single mothers
*helping young people who want to be aupairs in the States
*studying abroad again
*writing books for English learners
*spreading Okinawan culture in Fukui
*performing eisa at summer festivals in Okinawa
*learning salsa
*learning belly dancing
*helping more Japanese learners
*helping more poor children
*supporting people who have dreams!

Do you have any dreams?

See ya’!




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