Busy busy busy!!!

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 Hi everyone!!!  It has been very humid lately and this nasty weather makes me tired, but hope you all are doing well.  today I’m going to write all in English, but don’t worry, I’m not going to use difficult wordsウインク
 I’ve been busy this summer, but I always enjoy what I do.  How about you?
 On Wednesday, we had a couple of new students.  We’ve been watching "Cinderella" and learning some words and phrases from the movie since June, and everyone enjoys it.   Also we do some quiz and we talk about a topic every time, so we always have at least 3 activities to do in the Wednesday class.  The students can learn alot because the class is 90-minute-long.  Anyway, I hope the new members will get used to the class soon.  Eddy, who is a native teacher, helps the members alot.  Eddy and I enjoy teaching all the time and we like everyone in the class.  So if you really hope to learn English, you are always welcomed to English Avenueウインクウインクウインク
 This Thursday, I had a big Eglish event for little kids at Hiyoko Room.  Too bad I didn’t take any photos, but many parents and kids came to the event and I had so much funLOVE  The kids learnt how to say the colors and the clothing words such as "hat" "pajamas" "sunglasses" "shirt" etc.  It’s a free event, so please take your children next month星
 And last night, we had "英語でしゃべらNight" at Paikazi.  We usually have more than 20 people at this event, but many people cancelled this time, so we only had 10 people last night.  Still, we had sooooooooooooooo much funLOVE  We did the introducing game and then we also did the excuse making game.  I sometimes do the introducing game in my English classes.  First you introduce yourselves in a pair, and then you are going to introduce about your partner to everyone. You have to remember what your partner says.  Isn’t it fun?  So we played this game, and, I wrote some silly questions on the small pieces of paper, and each person picked one piece, and asked the silly question on the piece of paper to someone.   Then, the person who were asked the silly question had to make an excuse. Our silly questions were like, "Why were you naked in your nighborhood?" "Why were you peeking into your nighbor’s window at 2a.m.?" "Why did yuo buy a broken car?" and so on.  We laughed alot when we played this silly gameスマイルWe also enjoyed chating, eating and drinking.  I took 2 photos last night so please take a look写真 
 And I had a meeting of the play group this morning. We’ve got some new members and we had so much funLOVEThe members of the play group are very nice and they all are interested in educationand, so every time I meet them, I learn something new.
 You see how my life is great???  It is soooooooooooooooooooooo fun to meet with people and enjoy learning English together.  Come join us if you are interestedウインクウインクウインク
 Hope to see youバラ



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