Hi friends! How have you been? I’ve been very busy but I enjoy my busy days. 寒い冬を乗り越えて、ようやく春ですね。皆様お花見は行きましたか?福井市では先週末でお花見の時期が終わり、もう桜も散ってしまいましたが、英会話メンバーや留学生達とお花見が出来たので、とても楽しかったです。天候に恵まれず、ちょっぴり肌寒いお花見となりましたがf^_^;

来週は、未就学対象の読み聞かせイベントと、飲んだり食べたりしながら英語で楽しむイベント「英語でしゃべらNight」があります。詳細はこちらまで(前回の日記) http://englishavenue.spaces.live.com/ent.aspx?h=cns!2FB172E711754B15!505&fp=%2ftop.aspx イベントで皆様に会える事を楽しみにしています(*^_^*) 読み聞かせイベントは無料、「英語でしゃべらNight」は飲食代のみですので、ふるってご参加下さい♪

そして、お陰様で、着々と生徒さんも増えてきています!生徒の募集はこちら!http://englishavenue.spaces.live.com/ent.aspx?h=cns!2FB172E711754B15!488&fp=%2ftop.aspx (初回の日記)

さて、今日は、ちょっぴりいつもと変えて、このブログを読んで下さる皆様に、質問をしていきたいと思います。いつも、このブログを見て下さる方は沢山いるのに、コメントが無いっっっ(ノ_<。)ビェェン という訳で答えをコメントに書いてって下さいね♪もちろんin English please!そして、出来れば皆様が辞書をひかなくても答えられる様に、いくつかの職業名とその説明を英語で書いておきます♪では…Are you ready!? Here we go!!

★When you were a child, what did you want to be? Why? Did you change your mind later?

★What was your first job?

★What do you do now?

・a farmer→works at a farm and grows things
・an office worker→works in an office
・a cook→cooks things
・a banker→works at a bank
・a dentist→fix people’s teeth
・a translator→works with languages
・a flight attendant→works on an airplane
・a Buddhist priest→works at a temple
・a housewife→works at home/does the houseworks
・a train conductor→works on a train
・an architect→designs buildings
・a lawyer→works with the law
・a receptionist→answers the phone and greets people
・a professor→teaches at a university
・a mechanic→repairs cars
・a photographer→takes pictures

質問の答えを書いて下さるのを楽しみにしていますv(`∀´v) 職業名と説明も、良かったら紙に書き写して勉強して、今後の英会話に役立てて下さいね~ん♪

それでは…See ya!



  1. Nice to meet you!
    I’m sho from mixi.
    Well, I’ll be answer the questions below.
    ★When you were a child, what did you want to be? Why? Did you change your mind later?
    I wanted to be a police, since I wanted to ride a motor cycle and have a gun.
    Yes, I changed my mind soon.
    ★What was your first job?
    My first job is a engineer of company.
    ★What do you do now?I’m sorry, it’s a secret…

  2. Hi, good evening! I’m a participant of 「英語でしゃべらNight」.
    When I was a child,,,,,,,,,,
    I has wanted to be a comedian same like Ken Shimura(^__^;
    And comic artist(-u-)~゚

  3. I wanted to be an action star!!!
    I am a kung fu movie freak.
    I grew up watching kung fu movies, and I dreamed to be in those movies when I was child.
    Later, I got into theater but not action.
    I was trained to be a professional actress, but I gave up on my dream after 10 years of training.
    My first job was an OA operator in an American Company in Tokyo.
    I have been an English teacher, a tanslator and an interpretor after that.
    I am now living in Fukui and wroking in a glasses company in Sabae.
    I am doing all the paper works and office work for importing and exporting.
    But my dream now is to have my own English school like you!!

  4. 名前無し (英語でしゃべらNightの参加者)さんThanks for your comment! I can’t make people laugh, so I envy people who can make people laugh! Are you coming to 英語でしゃべらNight next Friday?

  5. Hi mimi! I’m so happy to get your comment! Your English level is so high and you are one of the people who are my role-models! And I’m looking forward to working with you someday!

  6. I wanted to be a fashion designer.I liked fashions and drawing pictures.I gave up my family objected, because I am deaf in ears.I am doing office work in a bank now.I will quit this company in summer. I have my dream of becoming study abroad.間違ってないかな?心配…(+ω+)

  7. のりぴ~Thanks for your comment! I think you are in fashion all the time. And you can make your dream of studying abroad come true!



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